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Content Marketing Strategies [VIDEO]

Tracy Falke, founder of Streetsmart Social, interviews Lee Odden, TopRank Online Marketing and SES Advisory Board member, on the subject of Content Marketing Optimization at SES London 2011.

What are they on about?

The core of any search or social media marketing program centers on content. Digital assets, rich media, web pages, MS Office and PDF docs as well as content created and shared by consumers all offer opportunities for optimization. If it can be searched, it can be optimized!

Online marketing is increasingly competitive and brand marketers world-wide are seeking real advantages that will improve the efficiency and impact of their social media and SEO efforts.

Tracy gets some unique insights from Lee into content based optimization strategies and processes as well as tactics for sourcing, creation and promotion of optimized content on the social web. Tracy also asks Lee about ways of educating the next generation on the subject of content and Lee brings up several examples of today’s social networks for kids, including Club Penguin.

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