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ROI (Return on Investment) in Online Marketing: The Importance of Being Earnest

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This article is written primarily for the real estate industry and social media marketing, however the concepts apply to all online marketing disciplines and sectors!                         Ha!  Based on the title above, I bet you thought we’d be discussing the more ephemeral elements of [...]

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Content Marketing Strategies [VIDEO]

Tracy Falke, founder of Streetsmart Social, interviews Lee Odden, TopRank Online Marketing and SES Advisory Board member, on the subject of Content Marketing Optimization at SES London 2011. What are they on about? The core of any search or social media marketing program centers on content. Digital assets, rich media, web pages, MS Office and PDF docs [...]

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Corporates ♥ Social Media 4ever

She’s all grown up now, standing in front of you in a skirt so short you wonder: Can you contract STDs from sitting on the bus? Where did my baby go? What happened to the days when I baby-proofed every room in the house so she wouldn’t trap her little fingers? Remember how proud you [...]

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